Among the items donated were: kids’ Tussadryl, multi-vitamin syrups, Panadex tablets, baby oil, and hand sanitizers.

The office of the first lady stated, “These items come at a crucial time when access to resources, particularly those for medically related purposes, are either scarce or difficult to access. These supplies will therefore be distributed to children and families that are most in need and are unable to acquire them for one reason or the other.”

A donation by Twins Manufacturing to the Rosewood Foundation to assist them with the protection of animals through education, rescue and care.

Twins Manufacturing has donated vitamins and other products to the Lions Club of Georgetown for their “Childhood Cancer Project.”
We ask others to help however they can.

Twins Manufacturing would like to commend the clean-up campaign organized by the Green Thumb Creatives and other groups. The campaign undertaken by this youth led group shows that we can come together to maintain and improve the beauty of our wonderful country. We at Twins Manufacturing Chemist believe that these ideas should be supported and allowed to grow and prosper. That is why we donated supplies to help facilitate the clean up campaign. We plan to continue to support these youth led initiatives! Keep up the great work and we have your back!

Twins Manufacturing has donated hand sanitizers, Hygenol and other products to Georgetown Public Hospital, West Demerara Hospital, Port Mourant Hospital, Suddie/Charity Hospital, New Amsterdam Regional Hospital and Dr. C. C. Nicholson Hospital.

During these times we plan to continue to assist our health care workers and those in need. From March 2020, Twins has donated over 100 gallons of sanitizing and disinfecting products to hospitals and various charitable organizations. We ask our fellow Guyanese to be safe and help each other however you can.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We SUPPORT the FIGHTERS, ADMIRE the SURVIVORS, HONOUR the taken and never, ever giving up HOPE.

GIVING is not just about making a donation, It’s about making a DIFFERENCE. TWINS Manufacturing Chemists is proud to support the Guyana Cancer Foundation with a cash donation made Last Friday. The cheque was handed over by Ms. Saudia Ferouz.

A total of US$ 40,000 in Pharmaceutical products produced by TWINS Manufacturing Chemists was handed over on the 28th Septemeber, 2017 to Harris Paints, all as part of the Hurricane Relief Effort geared towards the people of Dominica, Antigua, and Barbuda.