Established in 1971 and located In the Industrial Estate, Ruimveldt Georgetown, Twins Manufacturing Chemists from its inception has been able to successfully produce and market its range of products at home and abroad. This has no doubt come about because of the company’s commitment to providing high quality, creative products with attractive and practical packaging as well as innovative and novel strategies.

All products are of the highest quality and are manufactured in accordance with the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice. The Manufacturing, Production and Packaging are supervised by highly trained Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Chemists along with other health care professionals in the field.

Products undergo, rigorous in-house quality control procedures, then further testing by independent analytical laboratories in the region as well as those in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, to satisfy the stringent requirements of the Departments of Health in the various countries.

Twins Manufacturing Chemists is well represented throughout the Caribbean, Suriname, United States of America and Canada. The company is at present expanding its operations into Brazil, Venezuela and other South American markets in response to new demands which will be facilitated by the newly completed road that links Georgetown with Brazil. This would provide a golden opportunity for exports to South America and the company expects that its reputation as a highly regarded and respected entity in the local manufacturing sector will be the vehicle to take it successfully on that road to opportunity.